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As you surely know, I am a big dog lover, and each year, I support volunteer organizations that provide for animal and children’s health and welfare.  This year, due to personal affiliation, I am donating funds to two charities based in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

 Patita 2
First Meeting


PATITA, is a little three legged street dog we recently rescued from this small fishing village located approximately 30 miles south of Cancun. I had returned to Puerto Morelos to scatter the ashes of my beloved Golden Retriever Molly, who we lost at Christmas this past year.  When we saw Patita searching for food on the street, those big brown eyes and wagging tail captured our hearts immediately.  As so many animals in Mexico suffer from abuse and neglect, I want to do my part in helping the dogs of Puerto Morelos.


Patita had been abandoned in Puerto Morelos in January of 2009 with a badly amputated hind leg. (probably performed with a machete) Perhaps she had been kicked or hit by a car, or even bitten by a crocodile, nobody knows.  She was sheltered over the course of the next year by three different people, but for various reasons, was abandoned each time these humans moved on.  The fourth set of people were unable to take her when they moved.  So Patita was back living on the streets when I spotted her from the balcony of the condo.  When I called to her, she looked up and wagged her tail so hard, I just couldn’t resist her!  The rest, as they say, is history. I approached the local dog “angel” Diane Curtis who single handedly performs the majority of rescue, adoption and healthcare coordination in Puerto Morelos, and she helped me arrange for Patita’s adoption and trip back to Canada.   Diane had actually kept one of my Pup Art Greeting cards on her bulletin board in her shop Mama’s Bakery, that I had given her when I was down in Puerto Morelos six years earlier – so this whole idea came to me as a natural extension of our mutual love of dogs! There are many good people out there in most parts of Mexico, doing their best for the animals.  I think education is the most important thing – and it is changing….


This year I am donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my Pup Art greeting cards to offset costs born by the Dog Fund of Puerto Morelos to operate spay and neuter programs, adoptions, vaccinations, health care and education. The other charity is El Mundo Par Puerto Morelos – for the citizens of this community … Both these charities offer financial generosity and volunteer commitment in areas of health and education, to a wonderful village of Mexican people!


There are over 50 images of dogs in my greeting card collection, and I have put together assorted images in packages of 10 note cards and envelopes for $30 per set.  These blank cards are suitable for any occasion and dog lover.  Please drop me an e-mail or phone call to place your order!  I ask that payment be made in cash, by cheque or e-mail money transfer only – as credit card charges eat a big hole in the funds! 

Back in Canada
– a Mexican dog needs a coat!!
Patita painted
Patita Painted


Thank you for your generosity and support!  For those of you who have had your pooch painted by Pup Art Studios – you are welcome to place orders for your own image on the same basis! Feel free to have a look at some of the greeting card images in the gallery section of my website




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